Planning Your 500 Calorie Diet

by Stephanie

Even though the HCG diet plan is referred to as the 500 calorie diet, it is not 500 calories and you do not count calories. You simply choose food from the appropriate list and weigh it out. The diet is actually 600-900 calories depending on what you choose to eat. But don’t worry about calories. Since the diet has been called the 500 calorie diet for so long, we keep referring to it as such, but please don’t let that confuse you.

A diet that provide the possibilities of maximum results, the HCG 40-day diet, can allow you to lose up to 34-40 . When on HCG diet, the 500 calorie diet is the all-out amount of calories your body should ingest in order for the human chorionic gonadotropin to function properly within your body.

500 calories diet is exceptional in making sure that you can cut down the extra pounds from the body. It is commonly known that this glycoprotein hormone or HCG can burn idle fat into bulk energy. This escalates the metabolism and other physical roles. Basically, faster digestion means quicker way to slim down. Overweight people who call for a new toned figure can begin taking HCG diet drops or HCG injections depending on whatever suits you best.

If for any reason you become unsuccessful in following this 500 calories day’s restrictions you put in great risk your daily normal weight loss of at least 1 pound per day. The way this HCG oral sublingual treatment works is detailed as Dr. Simeon’s protocol but with the variation that we don’t use HCG shots or HCG injections at all. On the other hand, the 500 calorie diet can be followed.

In planning for your 500 calorie diet, consider these tips:

·       The whole thing starts with your food planning for proteins.

Study the grocery list of what part of the chicken, turkey, fish, shrimp or cow meat should you buy and they must be weight raw, cutting away all noticeable fat.

·       Instead of putting sauce or frying, it is encouraged that the meat should be boiled and steamed or maybe grilled so that the fat can be filtered away.

No need of oil to be used. Adding it to you dish will add extra calorie to your diet.

·       Consider chicken and fish.

It is suggested to alternate your meal of chicken and fish on one day and then, the fish with the red meat the next and finally the chicken with the red meat as well.

·       Make a written list of the meals you have taken as well as the amount you have ingested to keep track of your calorie intake.

This way, you can be aware of what food should be taken together with your meat dish.

·       Ask your doctor before you try doing any new diet.

The low calorie diet is supplemented by the HCG pulling your stored fat from your body. So even though it’s low calorie, you are getting the nutrients from your stored fat, while burning it and getting skinny.

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What are the right kind of melba toast to buy?



They are about the size of a credit card, maybe a little bigger. They should be in the section with the croutons in most cases. They are also the “old london” brand.



I have read, on another site, that you should stop taking the drops the first 2 days of your menstrual cycle and continue on the third. Is this true?



No, this isn’t true at all. For an oral product you just keep on going through your cycle.



Can you eat weight watcher meals?



Absolutely not. Those will cause major issues on the diet. You should only eat what’s on the list. Don’t count calories.


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