Knowing If The HCG Diet Plan Is Safe

by Stephanie

Naturally produced by pregnant women, the HCG hormone is also used to treat fertility for women who have a hard time conceiving. One of HCG’s natural uses is following a strict diet and shots or HCG drops for consecutive days. The HCG diet plan has been one of the most effective approaches to minimize the problems of obesity.

A lot of people promote HCG diet as an effective weight loss remedy. There are some specific points which you should seriously consider to make sure that the diet is effective. On the other hand, it is most debated if the diet itself is safe. Here are some of the facts about HCG diet:

  1. HCG diet requires eating healthy food compared to the Atkins diet wherein you are needed to consume meats and high fatty foods. The HCG diet is taking in really good food like protein, vegetables, fruits and even carbohydrates. All in all, it is considered as a well-rounded diet.
  2. HCG weight loss is quick and easy. If you are overweight and extremely unhealthy, you get the chance to consume fit and hearty foods. HCG also dissolves stored fats in the body.
  3. HCG is a naturally occurring element that’s in your body already. It doesn’t surge your heart rate and does nothing but help with your starvation and aims the right kind of fat to lose. There are no long-term side effects and it’s stayed proven safe for over 60 years.
  4. The body who takes in the HCG diet simply does not burn the food as fuel efficiently like a person who has high metabolism; the HCG diet addressed this kind of issue for long lasting effect.
  5. The only thing you should be careful about using the HCG diet is where you get the solution or the HCG liquid. There are numerous vendors for this diet and some of them may not have genuine ingredients. Make sure you purchase from a renowned company and is FDA certified.

In some occasional circumstances, the person who uses HCG diet may have certain side effects like headaches, water retention and irritability. There are also cases like restlessness and depression but does not seriously last long. People who also administer the injectable form of HCG may experience pain or inflammation at the injection site.

HCG makes adipose fats in the body as energy source. This is one main concerns of nutritionist can result to malnutrition by catering such a low calorie diet. Although the HCG diet only requires 500 calories per day to ingest, the body most likely operates on a full 1500-2500 calories per day because the HCG motivates the hypothalamus to dive into stored fats in order to make up the shortage.

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