Getting Through the HCG Diet Plan Phase 2

by Stephanie

Being overweight is one of the major problems of many individuals. Obesity is the heavy accumulation of fat in the body that it can quickly increase the risk of diseases that can damage your health and increase the possibility of gaining coronary illnesses and or diabetes.

Having these problems may seem like an endless maze to go through for some. But with the right diet protocol to follow and proper work out, this may not seem too far for a goal to reach. One of the most effective diet regimens in the industry today is the HCG diet plan.

HCG, which is also known as human chorionic gonadotrophic, is a natural hormone in pregnant and lactating women.  This hormone allows the baby to have contact with the mother’s stored fat. The basic action of the HCG hormone is to support and assist the metabolism of stored fats in the body. These stored fats are converted and transformed into energy sources. By this process, one major result is losing weight without much of an effort.

On the other hand, taking in the HCG diet requires a strict diet. The diet protocol itself has become popular because it is known to be the safest and most effective diet program ever made. HCG diet program call for a three phase diet which if seriously followed can produce great slimming effect in a short span of time.

The first phase of the weight loss program is the loading phase. This is the most wonderful and fun part of the diet plan since the dieter is allowed to eat and ingest anything you crave in the first two days of the diet.  The main reason for this part of the program is that the body needs to store up normal fat deposits to be used in the succeeding phase of the diet.

The Phase 2 begins on day three of the HCG diet program. It begins with a controlled calorie diet which includes a list of foods to help the dieter be more familiar with the calorie intake.  In this stage, sugars and starches must be avoided and huge amount of water should be consumed. All meals should consist of one meat serving, vegetables and a bit of fruit. It should be roughly counted to 100grams to keep the calorie intake low.

While you are on the second phase of the HCG program, here are the following things you need to do:

1. Drink tea at least three times a day as suggested by the doctor.

Tea is a good antioxidant. Drinking tea while you are on the second phase of the program helps eliminate bad toxins from your body.

2. Walking is important.

HCG is a diet program, what better way to lose those fats faster is to take at least an hour of walking. This is also a good cardiovascular exercise.

3. Listen to stress-reducing music daily.

Relaxation is one good way to condition your mind and body to stay fit and healthy. This also helps you stay motivated to while you are on the diet.

4. Get enough sunshine.

Vitamin D is found in your skin cells and one good way to activate this vitamin in your body is to get a lot of sun exposure.

Losing weight offers extra health benefits such as cutting off the risk of heart diseases. By completing this diet you may very well change your life for the better forever. Get started now so you too can benefit from all of thse benefits.

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Just started on day four of phase 2. My question is can I have cream in my coffee? I have been drinking coffer and using some cream and splenda. Also can I have drinks such as diet soda or juice packs if it does not have any calories?



No to both. You can’t have cream or diet sodas. “Diet” soda has aspartame in it which causes weight gain, so it actually makes you fat. Sounds like you didn’t get a good product with help. Consider returning it and getting a good product with help. You will save money in the long-term and lose a lot more weight.



Can I have crystal light if I get desperate? And how about gum?



No crystal light, it will destroy your results. Take your lemon for the day and stevia and add it to your water and you won’t stall from that. And no gum either. It’s only for a few short weeks, you can do it.


Gretta Dieudonnee

On the first two days which is the loading days do you use the HCG?



Yes, start taking it on loading.


Jan Shodin

I have eczema(so does my son) I have to apply cream to him and I also use a night cream, I can’t not use cream on my face or I will have a flare up…is this ok?



For issues like eczema, yes, it’s fine. Take care of yourself first, then worry about the diet plan. You’ll do fine. I’ve worked with several people with eczema.


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