How To Do An Apple Day On The HCG Diet

by Stephanie

What is an apple day on the HCG diet plan? Why apples of all the fruits?

Well, in the duration of the HCG diet program you can have a plateau or a stall, which is 5 days without any drop in weight.. According to Dr. A.T.W. Simeons, the creator of the famous HCG diet program, the plateau of the said diet plan usually last for 4-6 days.

In this phase, a stall or a halt of the weight lose process neither decreases nor increases. One reason of this is because the person did not maintain the very low calorie diet or have eaten low than suggested low calorie diet. Eventually, the body will go to starvation mode. That’s why; people who undergo in the HCG diet should maintain the low calorie diet, no more, no less a day.

To break the stall of the plateau phase, the Apple Day technique was introduced. When people on diet, experience plateau, he or she should start his or her apple day. The Apple day starts from lunchtime to the next lunchtime the next day. During this time duration, the person should take and eat 6 big apples. He or she is instructed that whenever he feels like he wants to eat, or feel the appetite to eat, he or she should eat one apple. But, only until 6 apples he or she should consume. They are also instructed that aside from water, apple is the one and only food they can at.

Apple is the food replacement given for the HCG dieters because it contains a lot of fluid. During the weight lose program, the cells of the body have lost a lot of fat, thus empty spaces are more likely to be filled up by taking a lot of water during the apple day. The apple also aids in cleansing your digestive system.

After the correcting the plateau phase and having an apple day, the dieters will feel a rewarding loose of weight the following day. According to Dr. Simeons, Apple day is introduced mainly for psychological reason. The dieters would feel that the weight lose process goes back to its momentum when they feel the weight loss after the apple day, primarily because of the water loss. The body accumulates a lot of water during the apple day, and it normally evacuates the next day.

The plateau phase comes into action when a dieter feels that he or she did not lose even a pound a day. It’s normal for them to be alarmed. Thus, Apple day is the emergency regimen. To avoid plateau phase, a dieter should diligently stick to the HCG diet plan. The specific low calorie diet should be maintained, and an increase of fluid intake should be consumed to avoid constipation and proper digestion.

An apple day is one of the most exciting techniques to complete the HCG diet regimen. So, whenever you are experiencing a little bit of the plateau phase, you must have 6 big apples ready in your table, only water when you are thirsty, then start the low calorie phase again the next day at lunch.

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I just have a question. Are people supposed to take the HCG drops during the apple day?



Yes, keep taking it on the apple days.



How many apple days an you do in phase 2?



You aren’t required to do them. They are only if you have stalled 4-5 days.


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