How To Do A Steak Day On The HCG Diet

by Stephanie

A steak day is being included in the HCG diet plan during a certain time, a person on a diet gains weight slightly than the usual. Then how come a steak a day is a remedy with this gain?

During the third phase of the HCG diet, or what we call the Stabilization phase, a dieter would experience a slight increase in weight. At the very start of the program, you are instructed to weight yourself every day to check the gain-lose status of your body. If there is certain step up of the weight, you might be alarmed and will go to what we call the Steak Day, for some modification.

So, what is a steak day?

A steak day is the day when the dieter abstains for the whole day. Literally, he or she should not eat breakfast and even lunch. But, he or she should maintain increase water intake or take coffee or tea for the fasting period. Then, during dinner, he or she should enjoy eating a large steak The steak should be cooked and eaten with a raw tomato or an apple on side dish.

When a dieter wakes up in the morning, and sees that he or she increase its weight 2 pounds above the last weight on the drops, he or she should immediately go on a steak day, the same day. This process corrects the metabolism of the body. If a dieter missed a steak day, even if he or she should continue the steak day the following day, the correction will fail. Thus, he or she should simply use his or her new maintenance weight.

The dieter should preferably eat the biggest steak they can handle. A cut of Sirloin steak, or T-bone, or Rib-eye will do. Prepare your steak any method you’d like, just make sure not to use oil or butter. You don’t have to eat the whole thing but do eat as much as you can.  Then follow your meal with an apple or a tomato, preferable raw to complete the steak day package.

On the next day you will see a loss because of the steak day. That’s why it is said that you start your steak day on the day you gained 2 pounds past your last day on the HCG. Missing it will increase your maintenance weight.

So, does a steak day on HCG diet look enjoyable? Undergoing in a diet plan requires a lot of determination and strength to focus you to the end result. If you just do exactly what the diet plan is suggesting and recommending, it is way easier to achieve what body you want. The HCG diet is designed to help your body maintain a certain weight by eating healthier foods and making your achieved body weight permanent.

Remember, a steak day is for those who gain more than 2 pounds past the last weight after the low calorie phase and only during maintenance phase.

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Tanya Atkins

How important is it to do maintenance. What if you finish phase 2 and have been off for 3 days but want to restart. Can do that or should you continue through with maintenance?



Maintenance is REALLY important so don’t ever skip that step. With that said how long was your first round? If it is less than 40 days then you can restart, just don’t go past 40 days in a row and when you do hit 40 days make sure to do maintenance.



I’ve been reading you can go past the 40 days if you are on the drops why is there so many different opioions on this I have done 1 round of 40 days then maintanece for 74 days I am currently on day 4 of the 500 calories.



No, don’t ever go past 40 days.


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